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Abandoned Underground Factories of the Second World War


Many German World War II factory built in underground. Around 1000 factorys has Hitler planed. In 1944 the Third Reich began work on the construction of a partially underground bunker with many factorycodenames. In these abandoned underground factory complexes of World War Two killed many peoples. A number of abandoned underground factories of World War Two are still crumbling to dust some over 70 years later, reminders of one of the darkest chapters in modern human history. During the Second World War, the factories under the control of Nazis became targets for air raids of the Allies and the imperial authorities were forced to move the productions underground. Underground factories consisted of efficiently connected production halls with assembly lines operated mainly by prisoners from concentration camps.


Delving into the abandoned underground factories of wartime Europe:

Third Reich: Tunnel constructioning in the Third Reich (The Underground Reich. The Secret Worlds of the Nazis)

The most sites a written in german!

Complete List Of Secret Bunkers : German Underground Installations (Decknamenverzeichnis deutscher unterirdischer Bauten des zweiten Weltkrieges) | Some founded Underground Factories | Pictures of Underground Factories

(U-Verlagerung -> U-Verlagerungen = Underground Factories in Germany)


German Underground Installations & Underground and Dispersal Plants

  • USSBS, Underground and Dispersal Plants in Greater Germany (Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, second edition, 1947)
  • (Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-committee (CIOS) - Underground Factories in Central Germany, London, 1945)
  • Die bombensichere Verlagerung von Industrieanlagen von Xaver Dorsch für die Historical Divison der US Army vom 30.06.1974
  • German Underground Installations Part I
  • German Underground Installations Part II
  • German Underground Installations Part III







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